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Stage 1: Travelife Engaged

During the engagement stage you learn about the relevance of sustainability for your company. You will understand the main impacts of tourism and what role you can play to provide a positive contribution. You will learn about the concrete steps you can take. We will inspire you with examples of what other companies have already done successfully. You can evaluate yourself based on the Travelife best practices and create your own improvement plan. You will also be able to link up with Travelife--Partner and Certified companies and establish new business relations.


  • Access to the Travelife Training and exam for your sustainability co-ordinator.
  • Access to the Travelife best practices and tools.
  • Guidance on improving your sustainability performance.
  • Travelife action planning tool.
  • Travelife reporting tool for internal reporting.
  • Travelife self-evaluation tool indicating your present status.
  • Access to Travelife Partner and Travelife Certified companies.


  • Small companies (< 25 full time employees), 200 Euro per year.
  • Medium  companies (≥ 25 full time employees), 300 Euro per year.
  • Large companies (> 100 full time employees), 400 Euro per year.

Stage 2: Travelife Partner

During the implementation phase you establish the basic management principles in your company: mission statement, policy, action plan. You will also have to implement basic best practices which take little effort but will provide direct and motivating results (quick wins).

After reporting your achievements to Travelife and a desk-audit by the Travelife technical team, you will receive the Travelife Partner status. This provides you with the ideal starting position to continue step-by-step towards certification.

Travelife Partner


  • All benefits of stage I
  • Access to the Travelife Training and exam for 10 staff members.
  • Use of “Travelife Partner” logo (based on compliance with Travelife basic standards).
  • Travelife ISO 14001, EMAS III and ISO 26000 compatible management system.
  • Access to the Travelife certification tool to start working step-by-step towards compliance with the certification standard .
  • B2B featuring of your company and products to all Travelife Engaged, Partner and Certified companies.


  • Small companies (< 25 full time employees),   200 Euro per year.
  • Medium companies (≥ 25 full time employees),  300 Euro per year.
  • Large companies (> 100 full time employees),  400 Euro per year.

Stage 3: Travelife Certified

The Travelife Certified status is the most comprehensive and rigorous of the three stages and provides you with an international recognition for your excellence in sustainability.

Based on your compliance with the Travelife certification criteria you can request for an independent third party assessment. Your company will be evaluated during an onsite audit based on international standards.

Travelife certified

After compliance you will receive Travelife Certified status as proof of internationally recognised high sustainability performance.


  • All benefits of stage II
  • On-site company audit to confirm Certified level.
  • Use of the internationally recognised “Travelife Certified” logo in your promotional materials and website(s).
  • International promotion of your company for its excellent sustainability achievements.


The cost of third party certification depends on your country and the size of your company. It ranges between € 400 for smaller and € 2.000 per year for very large companies. This includes the costs of an independent auditor. 

Travelife offers you a stage  approach towards sustainability linked with different membership packages:

Stage 1. Travelife Engaged
Stage 2. Travelife Partner
Stage 3. Travelife Certified

Upon first registration you enter Stage 1. You can only enter the next stage after you have concluded the requirements of the previous stage.

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